Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get one of your station’s program guides?
KBYU Eleven and BYUtv each have their own monthly program guide. Program guides include program highlights, daily program schedules, and much more. A program guide is a thank-you gift to those contributing $40 or more annually to a station. For more information, to make a donation, or to receive a complimentary copy of the guide(s) you are interested in, please call BYU Broadcasting Member Services at 866.662.9888.
How can I support BYU Broadcasting?
Our services—BYUtv, Classical89, KBYU Eleven, BYU Radio, BYU TVI, and Create—are expensive to operate, and programming requires significant financial support. Brigham Young University offers basic financial support, but we need your financial assistance in order for our stations to bring you the very best programming that educates, uplifts, and entertains. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to one of our stations by clicking here or by calling 866.662.9888.
Can I purchase a copy of the program you aired?
Because of broadcast rights, some programs on BYU Broadcasting cannot be sold or distributed. Programs that are available on DVD can be purchased through BYU Creative Works, Deseret Book and the BYU Bookstore. If you have additional questions regarding the availability of specific program, please contact our Viewer Services Department at 866.662.9888
How do I find the Scripture Discussions?
Video for Scripture Discussion can be found at by clicking here.

Station Specific

BYU Television—How do I get BYUtv in my home?
BYUtv is available via direct satellite, cable delivery services, and the Internet. For more information on what is available in your area, please click here or call 866.662.9888 Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm (MST). You can also e-mail us at And remember that you can always stream BYUtv live by going here.
BYU Television International (BYU TVI)—What’s playing?
The schedule for BYU Television International can be found here.
BYU TVI—How do I get BYU TVI?
BYU TVI is delivered via cable and satellite systems in every country throughout South and Central America. It is also available worldwide via live Web stream and to more than 11 million cell phone subscribers in Latin America. This service is broadcast in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. If you represent a cable, satellite, or cell phone company, please contact our Cable Relations Department to obtain a retransmission agreement or additional technical information.
KBYU Eleven—What’s on?
The program schedule for Eleven can be found here. You can also find complete listings of our programs in the Eleven Program Guide. This guide is available to be sent to you every month for a year for a donation of $40 or more. To order this guide visit our website or call our Viewer Services Department at 800.298.5298
KBYU Eleven—What is the Eleven Kids’ Club?
For information regarding our Eleven Kids’ Club, please click here.
BYU Radio—What song or talk was just playing?
Click here for BYU Radio’s schedule.
Classical 89—What piece of music was just playing?
You can find the name of any piece of music that we have recently played by checking out Classical 89’s playlist.
Classical 89—What’s on?
To view Classical 89’s weekly schedule, please click here.
Create—What’s on?
Information about Create, including the schedule, can be found here